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Francis Lévi, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, July 21, 2014:

- Circadian control of xenobiotic carcinogenesis and cancer pharmacology

- Toward Systems Cancer Chronotherapeutics and its integration into home care 

La Société Francophone de Chronobiologie (SFC) organise son 44ème congrès qui se déroulera du 29-31 octobre 2014

Séance de la Société de Biologie " La chronobiologie " aura lieu le 15 octobre 2014 de 15h00 à 18h00 Institut Curie-Pavillon Curie Amphithéâtre Marie Curie 11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie – Paris 5ème

La soutenance de thèse de Melle Véronique ROCHE sera présentée le 21 mai 2014

Reportage BBC, 13 mai 2014  Chronotherapy: The science of timing drugs to our Body

Journal "Le monde" le 30 avril 2014, "Quand l'horloge biologique se détraque"


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Equipe3 : Chronothérapie des cancers

et optimisation de la fonction hépatique

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Integrated Network for Completely Assisted Senior citizen’s Autonomy (inCASA) (2010-2013)

The “Integrated Network for Completely Assisted Senior citizen’s Autonomy (inCASA)” project deals with citizen-centric technologies and public/private services network, to help and protect independent elderly people, prolonging the time they can live well in their own home by increasing their autonomy and self-confidence.

The improvement of quality of life and social care for the ageing population will be provided by the assessment of the typical habit profile of the monitored person, starting from the basic assumption that the elderly people are habitual people. Unusual behaviours will be in the basis of an e-Inclusion strategy, provided by external actors, whose level of support depends from the degree of relationship with the assisted people and the rules and the actors depending from the organization of the national healthcare and social system.

For this reason inCASA will reuse pre-existing solutions/services for human/environment monitoring, integrated in order to collect and analyze data to profile user habits and implement customized intelligent multilevel alerts/communications services.

The business model of inCASA project is based on a strong public/private partnership cooperation.

Equipes participantes :

Santer Reply SPA, Italie (coordinator)

Chorleywood Health Center, Royaume-Uni

CNet Svenska AB, Suède

RBC, INSERM U776, France

Invent SAS, France

National Technical University of Athens, Grèce

Konstantopouleio General Hospital of Nea Ionia Agia Olga, Grèce

Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH, Allemagne

Telefonica Investigacion y desarrollo SA, Espagne

Brunel University, Royaume-Uni

Fundacion Hospital Calahorra, Espagne

Agenzia Territoriale per la Casa della Provincia di Torino, Italie

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